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“With airline baggage costs so high, I can't take my standard flag kits, cucoloris kits or dedo kits on every job.  I find myself digging around my light kit for a hammered piece of black wrap, cutting some holes in it and hoping I can place it in front of my background light for enough of a pattern to do the job.  I was thrilled to try Shadowfoils on several shoots this past year.  It is absolutely wonderful to have pre-cut patterns in a flat envelope that weighs virtually nothing and takes up no space in my traveling light kit.  I can throw perfect patterns with complete control.  It's also nice to spend very little money for such a great product.  Every camera person, gaffer, grip and producer should have a set of these in their arsenal.”

Curt Wallin
Cameraman, Producer/Director


"I found Shadowfoils to be an extremely valuable tool to add a quick background pattern to a setup without carrying around a wooden cucoloris. The Shadowfoils kit is so compact I carry it in the lid of my Pelican case and since they can work with or without a stand, I can save a lot of space when I travel. I work a lot with Producers that fly into SLC to do a shoot here in the West and I always like to have some cool tricks to bring a little more production value to the shoot. I bought a Shadowfoils kit the first time I saw it and added it to my gear.

Ed Anderson / Solutioneer


"We love Shadowfoils! We just got back from a 2 week shoot in Mexico where we shot a new resort every 2 days. The schedule is a run and gun and with almost every indoor setup, I grabbed a Shadowfoil to give the setup some character. Great idea and great product."

Christian Serge
Senior DP / Editor

LENZ-works Productions


"I very much recommend adding Shadowfoils to your lighting arsenal.  They are much easier to store, transport and deploy than other cucoloris options out there. Price wise, they represent a tremendous value, greatly improving your ability to bring a quality look to your productions with a minimum of time and hassle - if you have time to add a gel to a light, you have time to utilize a Shadowfoil pattern.  Impress yourself, your clients, and your audience by buying and trying Shadowfoils."

John Greene
Greenehouse Creative


"Shadowfoils help us add that extra visual interest to the shot. They are especially useful to liven up an otherwise boring corporate interview shot. With the amount of traveling our production team does, we're always looking for ways to reduce our travel kit, and shadow foils are perfect for that."

Joseph Wilkins