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Basic SetGreen Wall Arri Kit

     Shadowfoils provide a better alternative to the usual methods of improvised lighting.



A set of Shadowfoils weighs less than a pound so the impact on airline baggage weight restrictions is minimal. And since they don’t require a c-stand, you also save the weight of that.

Basic Set Less Than 1lb



Shadowfoils are 12”x12” and fit nicely in the lid of any pelican case or lighting kit. They store flat so they don’t take up valuable space.

Arri Kit    Pelican Kit


Shadowfoils kits include various pre-made patterns that save time when lighting your background. You no longer need to take valuable time cutting up a pattern on location. Just clip on a Shadowfoil. And with the variety of patterns in each Shadowfoils kit, you aren’t limited to the pattern that you cut. You can make a quick change in no time.



Using Shadowfoils means that you no longer need to waste blackwrap or foam core creating makeshift patterns. This keeps you from squandering your resources and freeing your expendables to use for other things.

Sloppy 1Sloppy 2Sloppy 3


Shadowfoils are easier and more versatile than making your own patterns. It’s difficult to make a perfect grid of squares or a blinds effect on location. But since the Shadowfoils kits come with several different patterns, you can change the appearance of your background with no extra work. Plus, when you attach Shadowfoils to the barn doors, you can change the appearance by focusing the light, rotating the doors, or combining foils. There are a variety of looks possible with each Shadowfoil.   

Crossword Sword Hard Blinds Girl Window
Ovals Girl Kook Sm Grid Yarn



A standard cucoloris, besides adding unwanted size and weight to your lighting kit, can cost over $60 each for cello and $80 each for wood! You can get a set of five Shadowfoils for less than either of those and also have the freedom to use the different included patterns for other lighting setups. And since Shadowfoils don’t require a c-stand, you can save that cost, too.

Cello Kook >$60!    Wood Kook  >$80!  
Basic Set $50 for set of 5


Shadowfoils can be used in several ways depending on your situation. No room for c-stands? Shadowfoils are specifically designed to be used closer to the light source, meaning that you can simply clip them onto the barn doors.  Also, Shadowfoils work perfectly on any 10x12 or 12x12 gel frame. And if you do have a c-stand, you can hang Shadowfoils just like a cucoloris.

     Mount 1  Mount 2  Mount 3

Use Shadowfoils and bring a higher standard to your on-the-go lighting!